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Glassware Printing

Art Specs

Preferred File Types

Have a logo or graphic you'd like to send us? We prefer 1 or 2-color vector artwork to ensure the cleanest possible glassware printing. There may be additional production steps if you are unable to provide vector artwork, but we are prepared to accept the following image types:

  • Vector files ( .EPS / .AI / .PDF )
  • High-Resolution Raster files ( .PNG / .TIF / .JPG ) at 300 dpi

Vector Formatting
When uploading vector files, please make sure that all fonts are outlined.

PDF Formatting
Need to be high quality and editable. We do not print directly from PDF documents. They have to be opened in Illustrator and checked. You must outline all fonts prior to creating your PDF. You must also include all linked files used to create the original file.

*Please note that Illustrator special effects like glows, transparencies, or drop shadows are not recommended as they have unpredictable results when printing.

Vector Files vs. Raster Art

Vector files use mathematical information to create an image on the screen or when printed. Raster files use colored pixels to create the image, but it has limitations. Vector files are the best way to ensure a razor-sharp print because they have the ability to increase size without becoming blurred. Vector art is also able to be manipulated for color separating purposes.

Vector Glassware Printing
Vector Image
Raster Glassware Printing
Raster Image

Your custom design or logo does not become vector by placing a raster image into a vector-based program. Original vector artwork must be created by an artist inside of a vector illustration program.

If your artwork is not in the correct format or the only version you have is at a very low resolution our art department can clean up or redraw the artwork for a fee. Have a brand new idea or need help with the design? Not a problem.

Color Options

At Branded Brewsky, we offer a wide variety of Imprint Color options to ensure you can get your brand to look great on your custom glassware product. Our process takes your uploaded through various design and production stages to ensure it will look great on the final product.

If you need further assistance with selecting colors or how our process works please feel free to drop us a line at 1-800-721-2480. One of our associates will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Leaded Ink Colors
Satin Etch
109 Yellow
116 Yellow
123 Yellow Gold
137 Light Orange
138 Medium Orange
139 Light Brown
172 Orange
180 Rust
186 Red
200 Red
201 Dark Red
208 Burgundy
209 Dark Burgundy
273 Purple
280 Reflex
281 Medium Blue
282 Dark Blue
284 Light Blue
285 Light Blue
286 Royal Blue
288 Navy
294 Navy
300 Blue
308 Blue Green
321 Teal
325 Light Teal
329 Dark Blue Green
343 Dark Green
349 Green
356 Green
364 Green
376 Bright Green
394 Yellow Green
429 Light Gray
431 Dark Gray
466 Tan
471 Brown
478 Medium Brown
485 Red
493 Dusty Rose
5405 Slate Blue
5545 Spruce
871 Irridescent Gold
877 Irridescent Silver
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Proposition 65

Branded Brewsky decorates products using materials that comply with current U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for heavy metal release standards. California does not recognize the Federal standards, choosing instead to enforce its own standards as defined in The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, (often referred to as “Proposition 65”). This legislation applies only to CA and does not ban any product; it simply requires either compliance with the law or the use of individual product warning labels. Any item distributed in CA may require a warning label under this California law. Branded Brewsky enforces policies and procedures that comply in all cases with this law. There are numerous approaches to achieving compliance. First, Branded Brewsky has alternative enamels that comply with Proposition 65. Products decorated with these alternative enamels do not require warning labels.

Branded Brewsky also offers the following solutions to help solve your compliance needs when traditional enamels are specified.

  1. We offer multiple drop-ship locations and label only the portion of your order going to CA.
  2. We offer warning labels for those orders you choose to ship to or distribute in CA.
  3. We offer the extra protection of labeling your product even if it ships to a state other than CA.

It is the distributor’s responsibility to notify Branded Brewsky in advance of shipments planned for immediate or eventual shipment to CA. By way of this notification, the distributor and the end customer holds Branded Brewsky harmless from all liability for alleged Proposition 65 violations including all costs associated with defending any legal claims due to Proposition 65 violations.